• I am a huge fan and look forward to going back!

    Ashok P.
  • Cassie and Ben are a wonderful team with lots of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion! My yoga class with Ben was incredibly peaceful and invigorating! Cassie's Thai yoga massage was a complete treat, stretching me out gently and calmly! I would highly recommend working with either or both if you can!!!

    Annie G.
  • Cassie is a wonderful Thai Massage Practitioner! She listened to my needs and created a routine fit for me. Soul Fit as a whole is a great organization. I had an amazing experience working with them.

    Lo E.
  • Ben and Cassie are AMAZING. Besides having the touch of an Angel, Cassie has helped me overcome the spiritual, mental, and physical blocks to start approaching my health in a holistic and loving way. After years of being harsh to by body I was able to see fitness and wellness in a new light. I dropped a bunch of weight after doing training in the Park and I wasn't even concerned with how much because I felt so GOOD!

    Abbie G.
  • Infused with pure intention and a heart of gold.  Professional, easy to communicate with and passionate about all they do.  Soul Fit is a wonderful organization with a team of practitioners that reflect Ben and Cassie's intention for wellness and fitness.  A Soul Fit Thai Massage is truly good for the soul. It will have you feeling taller, restored, and balanced.  You are in good hands with this team of high quality professionals who provide a variety of services with love.

    Vivian K.
  • I had a 90 minute massage while I was visiting NYC that rocked my world. It was the best Thai massage I've ever had, and probably the best massage I've had in general. Cassie's knowledge of the body, her skill with the modality, how awesome I felt afterwards- I can't say enough about it. Her touch feels really healing too- I would see her every week if I lived in NYC.

    Dashielle V.
  • Ben is fantastic! He really takes the time to get to know you, your needs and creates a personal regimen. He even caters techniques that will help the session be more impactful. I really enjoy working out with Ben and plan to use Soul Fit in the future and recommend to my friends as well.

    Gina J.
  • At my ripe old age, I've decided to explore yoga for the first time, and thank goodness I chose Ben to guide me through it. He's sensitive, non-judgemental, caring, present and spiritual. I've learned so much in one hour and my body feels like it was transported to a younger, more in-tune body! Ben came to my house in Brooklyn; and even brought a yoga mat for me (I didn't even know I needed one!). I look forward to more sessions with him. Hours later, I still feel as light as a feather and calm and relaxed.

    Ron S.

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Meet Our Founders

Cassie Fireman

"In my early 20’s I had no tools for self care and used food and alcohol as a way to check out. I found myself in an unfulfilling and deeply dysfunctional marriage not moving forward with my life goals and aspirations but once I started taking care of my health and wellbeing I became more successful in my life."
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Ben Curtis

"I became one of the most recognized faces in America as the “Dell Dude” spokesperson for Dell Computer. At that time I was so unwell and that’s not unusuall! Lots (maybe even most) creative professionals struggle with balance and wellness in their lives.  It took two arrests and a real bottom in my career and sobriety until I got connected to yoga, life coaching and wellness services."
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The Why of Our Work

What would be possible if you were healthy
and fully self expressed?

Imagine a team of people working to make sure
that you received all the support you could dream of,
in every aspect of your life.


We believe the world would change for the better,
and that’s why we created SoulFit.